Amazon Business School Online



Amazonia 4.0 and GreenRio are pleased to announce that the Amazon Business School Online (AmazonBiz) website is under construction. AmazonBiz is designed to accelerate a bioeconomic growth path in the world’s largest, most biodiverse tropical rainforest and fresh water system.

The site will offer a rejoinder of information and training relevant to building a vibrant standing-forests and water based bioeconomy in Amazonia. It will draw on a wide spectrum of sources and organizations.

AmazonBiz will pool information about products, producers, technologies, value chains, industries, markets, financiers, business cases, policy, legal and administrative frameworks, opportunities for collaboration, executive and broader academic training, and also address recovery of degraded areas, including remunerable carbon retention and sequestration schemes related to standing as well as replanted forests.

As a permanent alternative to deforestation in the Amazon, the standing-forests and water-based bioeconomy promotes sustainable and socially inclusive value chains, with careful consideration of traditional and indigenous knowledge.

A sustainable economy based on the region’s unique natural wealth stands to improve the lives of some 30 million Amazonians, fulfilling national and global objectives of climate and biodiversity protection, and of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for 2030.

Amazon Business School Online

Actors from different sectors are coming together to launch a digital platform that offers its users a knowledge and educational network, with two interconnected points of departure: The Rainforest Social Business School, based at Amazonas State University (UEA) which offers post-graduate courses, and the Amazon Business School Online (AmazonBiz) which attends to wider, most diverse audiences interested in the “Bioeconomy of Standing-Forest and Flowing-Rivers in Amazonia”.

Amazonia Business School online (AmazonBiz operated by Amazonia 4.0 and GreenRio), will serve as a public-service broad “knowledge highway”, pooling and continuously updating emerging bioeconomy information – references, documentations, videos, and collaborative opportunities. Over time, the platform will also offer a rejoinder of certified courses and academic curricula.

Welcome to AmazonBiz – Amazon Business School Online to make bioeconomy happen.

Join this synergistic non-profit platform. We welcome both: contributors and users.

Please, contact us for additional information.