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Rainforest Social Business School – RSBS/UEA emerges as a collective and synergistic effort aimed at implementing businesses that ensure economic development, social inclusion and equity as market opportunities for products and services from tropical forests, while respecting the inherent synergy of their ecosystems and societies.

Our Story

In this century, the bioeconomy is seen as the cutting edge economy, and biodiversity is an essential pillar in this process. In this scenario, the Amazon has been singled out as one of the most potent bioeconomic frontiers. With the significant growth of public policies aimed at strengthening the bioeconomy in the Amazon, the interaction between educational institutions, the productive sector, the government, and organized civil society is essential in this process.

The time has come to increase the opportunities of this economic model in Amazon through processes that include training human resources to adopt new technologies that use and benefit from natural assets in various industries – from pharmaceuticals products to energy, food, cosmetics, materials, wellness, and mobility. Tropical forest businesses must generate entrepreneurship led by local societies.

In this context, in May 2019, from the interaction of UEA with the Institute for Advanced Studies – IEA/USP arises the possibility of implementing a collaborative training process that enhances the emergence of businesses of this nature.

After numerous meetings, in November UEA hosted the “Meeting on Bioeconomy and Sociobiodiversity in the Amazon”. The event was organized by GREEN RIO and promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), with support from GIZ / Green Markets and Sustainable Consumption Project, and WWF. During the meeting it was established the commitment of several institutions to establish an Amazon business school – Rainforest Social Business School – RSBS/UEA.

RSBS is an innovative school in the process of training human resources that employs participatory methodologies, experiences and challenges inherent to business management situations in a perspective of building knowledge and meanings that include the Amazon in its economic vocation and establish a horizon for new businesses or even the expansion and adaptation of existing ones.

Get to know the course

The Lato Sensu Amazon Rainforest Social Business Post-Graduation Course aims to provide access to knowledge and models of management and entrepreneurship, focused on building businesses considering the use of forest resources, water, ecosystems and associated societies, in order to constitute value chains committed to the conservation of the Amazon Biome.

The course was idealized with the perspective of building knowledge and meanings that comprise the Amazon in its economic vocation and establish a horizon for new businesses or even the expansion and adaptation of those already existing.

Who can join?

Since it is a course focused on management and entrepreneurship associated with the conservation of the Amazon Biome, the participants in this training process are people with a degree. These individuals need to be interested in learning about Amazonian aspects related to the different models in the business world in order act as managers, entrepreneurs and/or consultants in all the various links of the productive and value chains linked to business, especially those with insertion in the Amazon region.